Short Story or Novel?

from the excellent blog Write on, Sisters, I offer you 

Is Your Idea a Short Story or Novel?

This is a question I ponder when plot bunnies come to me, as characters settle in and begin to unfold. Do they have enough ‘something’ in them to go the long haul? How do you know when a story has the potential to grow into something larger?

Author Heather Jackson suggestions it is just ONE of these basic story elements that determines long form potential:

  1. A Protagonist – who leads the story.

  2. A Goal – what the protagonist wants.

  3. A Problem – what prevents the protagonist from achieving the goal.

  4. Objectives – how the protagonist tries to solve the problem.

  5. Obstacles – what/who prevents the protagonist from solving the problem.

  6. Stakes – what disaster will happen if the protagonist fails to solve the problem.

  7. Resolution – how the protagonist overcomes the obstacles to solve the problem and avertdisaster.

Which element? take a guess, make your case, then go read the rest of Heather’s blog. It makes a lot of sense!

PS: also check out this cool post on 6 things every short story should have


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