Here’s a page to add links to blogs, magazines, dictionaries, sites that will have ongoing value to us writers. Leave your resource in the comments, and I will add it to the list as it grows.

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 AWWG has a subscription to the Writer’s Market online database of publishers, contests, and businesses that pay for writing. Contact Patrise for more information.  PH
 just two articles of many available at Liz Hill’s excellent Editors’ Blog

Punctuation in Dialog

Formatting for submission

Glimmer Train  PH
Jerico Writers – paid member community offers training and useful contacts  PH
The Writer Beware website  Cheryl
Narrative Magazine submissions – they accept many genres of writing
Split This Rock poetry festival  PH
 A list of 25 places to submit your writing  PH
Submission Tracker in Excel: right-click or control-click to save the spreadsheet to your computer     SUBMISSION TRACKER
 Ploughshares Emerging Writers contest
 The Fiction Desk – submissions

If you have a timely entry, like a contest or submission deadline, please post on the main blog.

10 thoughts on “Resources

    I was introduced to Wordnik as a place to preserve and share obscure English words so they remained alive and in circulation.

    Wordnik shows definitions from multiple sources, so you can see as many different takes on a word’s meaning as possible.

    There’s a Word-of-the-Day that will send you a new unusual word each day via email.
    You can collect favorite words, discuss word origin and meaning with other Wordniks, look up obscure and unusual words and submit them if you’re hoarding any!

    Check it out!


  2. valerieormond

    Hello Women’s Pages! I had the pleasure of joining the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group today and am happy to have met this group of fun and interesting women. I mentioned I had a blog that included some writing information, so thought I would post the link here. One of the items we talked about was’s 15 for 15 exercise, and here’s a specific link to a post on that.
    Look forward to seeing everyone again! -Valerie


  3. Hello again, friends, I just checked out the current 15 for 15 contests, and don’t see that one is being run again anytime soon, but in the meantime, the following may be of interest to those looking for an interesting writing exercise on

    (FYI: I am not affiliated in any way with, just a member who has enjoyed time with the site).


  4. Carol Smallwood

    Women, Work, and the Web: How the Web Creates Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    Book Publisher: Scarecrow Press

    Co-editor: Carol SmallwoodCo-ed., Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching (McFarland, 2012) on Poets & Writers Magazine “List of Best Books for Writers.” Writing After Retirement: Tips by Successful Retired Writers forthcoming from Scarecrow Press.

    Co-editor: Joan GelfandDevelopment Chair for the Women’s National Book Association, member of the National Book Critics Circle, Joan blogs regularly for the Huffington Post, teaches writing, and is an award winning author.

    Seeking chapters of unpublished work from writers in the United States and Canada for an anthology. We are interested in such topics as: Women Founding Companies Existing Only on the Web; Women Working on the Web With Young Children or Physical Disabilities; Woman’s Studies Resources and Curriculum Development Webmasters; Women as Founding Editors of Webzines and Blogs; Surveys/Interviews of Women on the Web.

    Chapters of 3,000-4,000 words (up to 3 co-authors) on how the Internet has opened doors, leveled the playing field and provided new opportunities for women, are all welcome. Practical, how-to-do-it, anecdotal and innovative writing based on experience. We are interested in communicating how women make money on the Web, further their careers and the status of women. One complimentary copy per chapter, discount on additional orders.

    Please e-mail two chapter topics each described in two sentences by January 30, 2013, along with a brief bio to Please place INTERNET/Last Name on the subject line; if co-authored, paste bio sketches for each author.

    Writing After Retirement: Tips by Successful Retired Writers

    Book Publisher: Scarecrow Press

    Co-editor: Carol Smallwood co-edited Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching (McFarland, 2012), on Poets & Writers Magazine’s “List of Best Books for Writers”; edited Pre- & Post-Retirement Tips for Librarians (American Library Association, 2012).

    Co-editor: Dr. Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Journalism Option Program, Passaic County Community College, Paterson, New Jersey; Editor/Founder, Adanna Literary Journal; Author, Eve Asks (Muse-Pie Press, 2011).

    An anthology of unpublished 3,000-4,000 word chapters by successful, retired writers from the U.S. and Canada (up to 3 co-authors) previously following other careers than writing. Looking for topics as: Business Aspects of Writing, Writing as a New Career, Networking, Using Life Experience, Surveys/Interviews on Retired Writers, Finding Your Niche, Getting Published, Following Dreams Put on Hold, Privacy and Legal Issues, Working With Editors, Time Management. With living longer, early retirement, popularity of memoir writing, this is a how-to for baby boomers who now have time to write. Compensation: one complimentary copy per chapter, discount on additional copies.

    Please e-mail two chapter topics each described in two sentences by January 30, 2013 with brief pasted bio to placing RETIREMENT/Last Name on the subject line. If co-authored, pasted bios for each.


  5. seeds4thoughts

    Hello, today I join Women’s pages and after telling myself I would for months. I am glad I did and realized after reading some of the posts, my lost.
    I belong to the same group that PatriseArts belong, The Accokeek’s Women’s Writing Group; Great fun and helpful hints on your writing process.


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