Amazon publication of Storyweaving Playbook!

Good news this month! My Storyweaving Playbook: Answer the Call to Adventure, which was published in October, 2015 as a paperback book, is now on Amazon, as an e-book! (Only $9.99)

This playbook is a self-paced, playful, practical journey into the heart of your creativity. Writers get a shot in the arm as they answer the call that brings them present and accounted for to their writing practice. Seekers gain confidence and clarity to bolster their creative life choices.

Check it out, and let me know about your experiences along the way.

The second edition of this game-changing workbook!

The second edition of this game-changing workbook!

25% COACHING DISCOUNT WHEN YOU BUY THE BOOK: Contact me at to schedule a free introductory session to find out more…

AWWG Member In the News

A passion for riding, writing

How many grow up to be successful enough as writers to own their own horses?

Valerie Ormond did.


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Successful Blogging

Here are some great tips from blogger K.L. Register  from her blog The Ninth Life

(Remember on of the benefits of AWWG is your blog, where you can gain experience on a group blog before you decide to launch your own! Let me know if I can help you get started~ Patrise)

A list of what has helped make the The Ninth Life a success:

1). Be YOU! Be sincere. Be personable. Be authentic. Write from your heart. Never be afraid to let your audience see who you really are.

2). Write about topics that interest you! Look for sources of inspiration from life. Write about your personal life. Tell us about your adventures. Share your passion with us. Write about the lessons (accomplishments and failures) you have experienced in life. Write about topics that will help others. Provide people with knowledge and insight.

3). Proofread as you write your work. Proofread once you have finished your work. Proofread after you post your work. If it doesn’t make sense to you, chances are it won’t make sense to your reader. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. But, you may lose valuable readers if your post is too confusing or contains too many grammatical errors.more…

4). Engage with other members of the blogging community. Read their work. Comment on their posts. Don’t be afraid to hit the LIKE button if you truly like what you have read (it will make the other person feel so good inside). FOLLOW those blogs that interest or excite you! Become actively involved in another person’s world and that person will become actively involved in your world.

5). Welcome people to your blog. Make your readers feel like they are at your home (literally). Introduce yourself. Post a picture of YOU. People don’t care that you don’t look like a Victoria Secret’s Model. People want to share a real connection with a real person.

6). Read and respond to comments on your blog. If someone takes time out of their schedule to leave a comment on your post, then take time out of your schedule to respond back. Reality is: You won’t agree with every reader that comments on a post. And, that is totally fine. Be open-minded. Share your beliefs, opinions, or thoughts but accept that everyone doesn’t believe or think the same way you do. Be willing to listen… more…

7). Keep your blog layout simple and make it easy to interact with. Everyone has heard the age-old expression, “less is more.” Well, when it comes to blogging it really does seem so. You want enough information on your blog to interest a reader, but you don’t want so much information that a reader becomes overwhelmed. You want your blog to be neat and organized. more…

8). Don’t be a SCAREDY CAT! Experiment and try new things! Try a new writing style: Write a poem. Write a short story. Write a novel. Write about different blog topics! Variety is food for the soul.

9). Actively share links to your blog on all social media platforms that you are a part of. Unfortunately, followers and readers don’t just magically appear. It is your responsibility to promote your blog. It is your duty to let people know that your blog exists!

10). Don’t get discouraged. There will be times when you will feel like deleting your blog (I have felt that same feeling). There will be times when you tell yourself, “What I have to share really doesn’t seem to matter to anyone.” But, guess what? What you have to share really does matter! You just have to figure out a way to let other people know that your blog EXISTS!

You may have 100,000 followers, you may have 10,000 followers, you may have 100 followers, you may have 10 followers, or you may have only 1 follower. But, at the end of the day, that person or group of people chose to follow YOU! They chose to follow you because they wanted to, not because they were forced to.


You can read more of K. L. Register’s blog HERE, and you can start your own blogging adventure by guest blogging for us! Please comment if you’re interested, we always welcome new authors.

Young Activist’s Call for Books


Marley Dias with examples of POC girl-power books

Marley Dias recently applied for and earned a grant from Disney to help feed orphans in Ghana. She is eleven years old.

Recently Dias came home from school frustrated, and explained to her mom that all her school reading assignments seemed to be monochromatic.

“I was sick of reading about white boys and dogs.”

Her mother Janice asked her what she was going to do about it, so Marley started a book drive for stories where non-white girls are the main characters, not just in the background or minor characters.

Now gaining followers via twitter for her #1000BlackGirlBooks drive, Marley explained:

“I’m hoping to show that other girls can do this as well…I used the resources I was given, and I want people to pass that down and use the things they’re given to create more social action projects — and do it just for fun, and not make it feel like a chore.”

Read more about Marley and her project in the Philly Voice, and send books to her project at the address below.

Book donations can be sent to 59 Main St., West Orange, N.J., 07052, Office 322.

Take a Risk

There’s a wonderful essay in this month’s Poets & Writers Magazine, Dangerous Writing by Tom Spanbauer. Alas, it’s not available online, only in the Jan.—Feb. 2016 print issue.

This author defines ‘Dangerous Writing’ as “not serial killers or speed crazed race drivers” but something much more personal.

“To write dangerous is to go to parts of ourselves we know exist but try to ignore —parts that are sad, sore; parts that are silent, and heavy. Taboo. Things that won’t leave us alone.”

Spanbauer, who teaches a course called Dangerous Writing in Portland, OR, is describing something more intimate. He relates that most of his students arrive thinking that he wants an adventure or horror story from them, and he has to bring them around to confront their humanness in a new way.

“We are set down on this earth bewildered. Someone once asked me why I write and I explained ‘Because I cannot speak and cry at the same time.’ It has been the battle of my life to speak what is in my heart openly and with a clear voice.”

His favorite prompt to give new arrivals is to write about a moment after which you were different. That’s an intriguing assignment. Anyone willing to take it on?

Remember you can contribute to this blog! Consider writing for us – let me know if you need to set up a login.

Holiday Party & January Meeting, Jan 10 & 11


Anything is Possible!

First, a Party!

Sunday Jan 10 at chez Georgette, 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Bring Something to eat! We need salad, bread, dessert, snacks, cheese, goodies, deliciousness!

Bring Someone! Know a writer? a patron of the arts? bring ’em along!

Bring Something to Read! a bit of inspiration, frivolity, advice, humor, or your own words to share.

Please RSVP to Patrise for detailed directions, and include what you are contributing to the feast.


girl-writing-starsJanuary Meeting

Jan. 11 at 1:15 pm  Accokeek Branch Library

Your Writing Prompt: “My Secret Resolution”

We will be starting a new sign-up list for reading your work for the next few months and discussing future topics. Be there! Bring ideas!!

Happy Holidays from AWWG

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Still running around searching for the perfect gift, decorating the house, preparing for travel or guests? Your poor Writer-self is feeling neglected. Take a moment and give her some Holiday cheer.

The cartoon is from, aka Debbie Ohi, a writer and illustrator of children’s books who shares her experience via several blogs. She’s particularly a great resource for young writers. If you are looking for an amazing, AFFORDABLE, perfect gift for that writer in your life, click here!

My Christmas wish for you is plenty of creative time to work your special magic.

Blessings to all, and more writing joy to the world!





DECEMBER MEETING  Monday, December 14  at  1:15 pm

Accokeek Branch Library
15773 Livingston Road
Accokeek, MD 20607

Come and celebrate another great year of AWWG!!

  • READ!  Bring a short piece of your work to share
  • EAT! bring a treat to share
  • PARTY! bring a friend

Also, let’s discuss another Holiday Party like last year’s for January.  Are you willing to host? Should we repeat the theme or have a new one? What about a Gift Exchange? Talk amungst yourselves!

What Are YOU Grateful For?

This year the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group has achieved some wonderful milestones: first Retreat, first Summer Camp, first Guest Author… we have so  much to celebrate!

Also, for each of us, our work has continued to evolve and mature. Our members have new books, new deals brewing, new submissions going out: things that weren’t happening this time last year!

I want to Give Thanks for all of you, everyone who reads this blog, comes to meetings, or cheers us on. What a difference you make!! Keep it up, beautiful, creative people!

I am Grateful for You.

=====COMING SOON:=====

NaNoWriMo “Thank God It’s Over!” Party
Monday, Dec. 7th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm at Accokeek Branch Library

Next Meeting: December 14th, 1:15 pm at Accokeek Branch Library

NaNoWriMo Write-In Weds. 6 – 8:30

We’re Past Midway!

This year AWWG has more NaNoWriMo writers than ever before! I have seen first hand the determination, diligence, highs and lows of my sister NaNos as we are writing up a creative storm. I’ve kept up my word count and story progress, but am slipping behind a bit, having missed a day for the first time yesterday. Oh-oh!

So I will certainly be at the Wednesday Night Write In, at the Accokeek Library from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. I hope you will join me. I’ll start out the ‘cafe’ where we can have coffee & snacks. 

15773 Livingston Road
Accokeek, MD 20607