What’s next for the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group?

IMG_5543Exciting changes for our local gathering of dedicated writers! We’re moving to a more collective structure, sharing more retreats, and continuing to build a diverse, passionate and supportive community!

The biggest shift is that we are sharing facilitation! Instead of one person running every meeting, each of us is stepping up to share our skills and passions, and lead the group.

We’ve put a new folder with instructions for leading a meeting, and sign up sheet for leaders, readers and mailing list. So if you want to step up, we’ve made it easy!

The best thing about this change is that each leader offers her strengths and passions, and we’re all learning so much in the process.

lsIf you haven’t joined us at the Accokeek Library, every second Monday of the month, from 1:15 to 3:15, come along! If you’re already a member, sign up to lead and read, and enjoy the new AWWG!




Great Questions to Identify and Break Through Writer’s Block

Thanks to author Katharine Grubb, from her blog, 10-minute Writer. She uses the metaphor of Kung-Fuing through your block, and asks these nine questions to get to the root of the problem. For each one, she has tips about breaking through the block, if this is the source. (Check out her full post here!)

It’s a great strategy — identify the source of the block, and take action accordingly. Get a coach or therapist, clear your head, kill your inner critic, rest, journal, write for ten minutes at a time, find a writing buddy — all of these solutions fit different challenges. Write smarter not harder — find the solution that fits the problem!

So, what’s your block?

Are you blocked because you are emotionally damaged by your project?

Are you blocked because other things (besides writing) are messing with your head? 

Are you blocked because you are self-sabotaging?

Are you blocked because your brain is tired? 

Are you blocked because you are overwhelmed with the project? 

Are you blocked because your inner critic WILL NOT SHUT UP? 

Are you blocked because you are discouraged? 

Are you blocked because you are lazy?  

Are you blocked because you are afraid? 

Let us know what works for you to break through these blocks!

Information for Children’s Book Writers


A few members of the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group write for children.  I’d like to share a link to the website I’ve found very valuable, Write4kids.com, and its Children’s Book Insider (CBI) Clubhouse – http://cbiclubhouse.com/.  The CBI Clubhouse is a paid membership of $5.95 a month or $49.95 a year, but the training modules, videos, newsletters, etc. are well worth it, even if you just join for a month and check it out.  CBI is also offering a free eBook that I just downloaded and read, 11 Steps to Writing your First Children’s Book, which covers great material collected all in one place.  Anyhow, wanted to pass this information along because I know there is A LOT out there on the web, but I’ve found this group to be friendly, helpful, and seem to have it all in one place. (FYI – I have no connection with CBI other than being a member for the past few years.)   Good luck, all!