What’s next for the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group?

IMG_5543Exciting changes for our local gathering of dedicated writers! We’re moving to a more collective structure, sharing more retreats, and continuing to build a diverse, passionate and supportive community!

The biggest shift is that we are sharing facilitation! Instead of one person running every meeting, each of us is stepping up to share our skills and passions, and lead the group.

We’ve put a new folder with instructions for leading a meeting, and sign up sheet for leaders, readers and mailing list. So if you want to step up, we’ve made it easy!

The best thing about this change is that each leader offers her strengths and passions, and we’re all learning so much in the process.

lsIf you haven’t joined us at the Accokeek Library, every second Monday of the month, from 1:15 to 3:15, come along! If you’re already a member, sign up to lead and read, and enjoy the new AWWG!




AWWG Memoir Prompt for August Meeting

Hail writers of memoir, and other fellow seekers!

I didn’t “assign” a writing prompt at our July meeting, but inspired by our intrepid memoirists, I wanted to post a prompt here that could be fun!

Write your 7-sentence autobiography.

And by the way, sentences a paragraph long are considered cheating! Sentences should be reasonably long, like the sentences you would write if you weren’t panicked by the 7-sentence limit.

After all, really long sentences that go on and on are impossible to read, difficult to understand, and full of potential contradictions; because it takes such skill to write them, after all, we end up producing two or three sentences, with subordinate clauses that should be sentences, and then suddenly you’ve written a stealth 225 sentence memoir, and that makes listeners giggle and cringe, even if they’re being polite, which they often are, to your detriment because you never really find out what they really think because they like you.

See you the second Monday in August, 1:15 – 3:30, at the Accokeek Public Library! Any women writers who want to join us are welcome!

And anyone intrigued by the prompt, but not local or not able to attend for any reason, you can simply put their 7-sentence autobiography as a comment, and we’ll all have a great time!

Carol Burbank is a writing coach, editor and author. You can learn more about her at www.carolburbank.com.

Email her now to sign up for her summer special, three 30-minute summer breakthrough sessions to help you jumpstart your writing! (Only $120!)

Remember!: Next Meeting of the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group is Monday, October 7!

Hi everyone! If you’re local, female (sorry guys!) and want to renew your commitment to your writing, join us at the Accokeek Public Library in Maryland on October 7 from 1:15 – 3:00ish. We play with writing prompts, share our current projects, and teach each other how to survive, submit, edit and publish our work. It’s a wonderful supportive community!

Members, I’m looking forward to seeing you! Our mutual assignment this month was to move forward on our projects, and bring 2-3 pages to share if we want feedback!

Photo by member Kay Powell’s husband, taken down at nearby Piscataway Park.