Original Poem: Little Girl

Little Girl

Little girl, go deep into your mind
it is amazing what you might find

Dreams left behind
words of encouragement
you can not find

Dreams going unfulfilled
energy draining beyond your give

Little girl, there will be struggles
some created by you

But let not your seeds of trouble
be from problems you grew

Your struggles do not have to be

The strong backs of your ancestors
created brighter  days

Your cup of  life
goes beyond you

And the spilled drops from
your cup is refillable too

Little girl, go fetch the  treasures of
your hidden pearls

And  make a difference in this


  Author:   Patricia Crews


Have You Seen Carrie’s New Blog?

morning-glory-1Since creating her blog at our WordPress class at WordFest in August, AWWG Carrie Staples has been very productive.

She has been blogging regularly about all the colorful nature around her home and garden.

Be sure to check it out, and FOLLOW her to see where she goes next!


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