Carol Burbank Interview at Cheryl Holloway’s Blog

Our own Carol Burbank has a great interview over at Cheryl Holloway’s blog!

Carol talks about her new book, her work as a writing coach and the inspiring method called Storyweaving that Carol has developed to help people unlock their potential, their creativity and their joy.

If you’re not a subscriber to Cheryl’s blog, I recommend that you sign up, because Cheryl interviews authors of all genres and stages of their careers, and her blog is always interesting and timely.



It’s Lyn Scott,  memoirist and JazzGoddess; I was Shanghaied from NJNY to “Merryland” by a retired Golden Lab in 2011. I proceeded to waste myself for lack of verbal livelihood at the house called “Ducks.” The Acco Lib became the refuge where I saw AWWG Meets here. Fast fwd to 2015:


5cats5ffc5hhhh5AWWG = My giant Prozac

=  My Vibrator

=  My Espresso


 =The Best Gift to my Husband

AWWG Transforms the Hood and

puts AccoLib on the Map for Movement






Ciao bella all, Lyn





Some of our Writers are Artists, too….

…including yours truly, Webmaster Patrise Henkel.   I will have a painting in the Charles County Arts Alliance Fall Art Show, a multi-media public exhibit.

When: October 2 to December 30, 2014
Where: Waldorf West Library
10405 O’Donnell Place, Waldorf, MD

The Library consists of four separate gallery spaces on two floors, so it should be a large and varied exhibit. My painting student Neil (featured on my blog) will have 2 works in the show.

“Meet the Artists” Public Reception

Come and honor all the artists, check out the gallery, the library and enjoy refreshments.

Saturday, October 4
2:00 to 4:00 pm
Waldorf West Library’s Main Gallery 

Creativity and the Evolutionary Impulse

A New Contributor Post from Elizabeth Ayres!

Hi, Iʻm Elizabeth Ayres, a poet, essayist and the founder of the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing.  For the past several years Iʻve been intrigued by the findings of quantum physics and cosmology.

its emergence 13.7 billion years ago, the Universe has been a creative journey into ‘something more.’  From hydrogen and helium we get complex elements.  From a supernova explosion we get our sun and solar system.  From the alembic of Earth’s oceans we get one-celled organisms, worms, vertebrates, reptiles, mammals.  From seaweed we get ferns and oaks.  This is the evolutionary impulse, individuals sharing their characteristic energies in always-greater and more complex unions.

The characteristic energies of human beings include thought, self-reflection and imagination.  When you put your thoughts and experiences into words, they unite with the thoughts and experiences of your readers to create a more complex reality than any of you, alone, could have known.  It’s like two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen combining to create something – a water molecule – which is beyond the limits of either hydrogen or oxygen.

from APODʻs rich store of images

The Korean poet, Seo Jeong-ju, expresses this beautifully when he writes, “The poet, in return for having but little, discovers an expanding, deepening longing for things.  The poet makes a lamp of that longing, of that singular love, and sets it alight in his heart.  With that light, the poet explores numerous levels of inner feeling, gives them names, and in naming them, with the strength derived from that exercise, broadcasts his earnest longing for things to a world afflicted with disinterest.”

We can imagine for ourselves what happens next.  The glimmer of light catching hold of one reader’s heart, then another, then another, until soon the formerly disinterested world is on fire with the “singular love” of one hitherto solitary individual.

It’s hard to be a writer in a world “afflicted with disinterest.”  When I’m struggling to put my experience into words, I picture a marvelously huge conflagration created from many small fires.  It keeps me going — to know I’m playing my part in an evolutionary impulse kindled from a spark 13.7 billion years old.

Welcome New Members!

photo © Amanda Wenling Ho

I’d like to officially welcome our new members to the Women’s Pages, and invite you to make your first post an introduction to you and your writing.

A warm welcome to:

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