I thought AWWG WordFest Was Fabulous! Share your opinion:

Here’s a quick survey for attendees and AWWG members to provide feedback on this year’s summer event, AWWG WordFest!

Please let us know about your experience!

Thank You!!

Your Opinions Count

Please leave your suggestions in a comment, below. Or email patrise for a confidential message.


4 thoughts on “I thought AWWG WordFest Was Fabulous! Share your opinion:

  1. Just like when I was a kid, I wanted summer camp to last forever! I hated to miss a moment of it and loved every moment I was able to attend! Maybe we can have mini-camps throughout the year?! Endless thank yous to those who devoted so much thought and energy to creating each of the incredibly inspiring events.


  2. I continue to be awed by the talent of our writers/authors. I am enabled by you to leave my drek behind and get on with LIVING, LOVING. The generosity is astounding. I wonder if we might consider holding the next WordFest during the less-steamy seasons; is it possible we could get more members to attend with different timing, since there’s greater likelihood of some of us being out of town in midsummer — maybe June or ? Smiling, writing. Lyn

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