A Writer’s Gift, a Writer’s Responsibilty

POVAs writers we are gifted

with the ability to communicate. We can spin words into ideas and art. We help people learn, understand, grow or just have a pleasant experience.

There’s another power that is granted to us as writers: the ability to change our viewpoint. Take the statement in the picture, right, and invert it: “As soon as our point-of-view shifts, we are privy to the thoughts and feelings of that character.”

We have the ability see things through the eyes of another. It’s a skill not everybody has – to change how they view the world. I guess that’s why we’re needed – to help people shift their mindset.

The  power we hold is significant, and with great power comes great responsibility.

I love and honor each one of you for your insight and gifts, and for your willingness to share yourself with the world. In these troubled times, I hope that we will all use our gifts to help make the world a more safe, kind and loving place.


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