June’s Meeting report

June’s meeting had lots of ‘news & goods’ as well as two new members. Welcome to Winona and Joyce! Here’s hoping we see more of you and your work.

B07N5X Woman writing a diary or journal at home

Carol Burbank returned from her Canada trip inspired by a writers workshop with author and playwrite Alison Waring. Carol reports progress on multiple writing projects including a new book on education reform for people with disabilites.  She also led us through an exercise to develop our own individual writing prompt for this month. She’s offering various workshops and online courses that you can find out about here.

Cheryl Holloway announced she’s been nominated for two awards online! Cheryl also let us know that she’s offering to be your writing productivity coach. “Write every day and in a year you have your book!” Easier said than done as we all know. You can contact Cheryl here.

New member Teresa is getting a great response to her first ebook and shared some of her marketing strategy with us. She’s interested in more discussions on marketing out self published books. You’ll find her address on the latest email list.

Lyn Scott let us know she’s moving into DC on June 27and invited all to a party at her home Saturday 6/25. She insists she’ll return for meetings, and I hope so!!

Patrise called for volunteers to meet and plan Summer Camp 2.0 or its equivalent. A goodly number of members joined the committee and we’re meeting at the Accokeek Dunkin Donuts at 1pm Monday June 27.

And, the deadline for the Erotic Writing Challenge is extended until July’s meeting. So keep writing, girls!

Remember I am always delighted with submissions for this blog and will help you gain contributor access or post something you send me.  Don’t be shy!



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