Monday’s Meeting

Monday May 11

is our Main Monthly Meeting at the Accokeek Branch Library. We start the meeting at 1:30 sharp, and wrap up at 3:00. Moderator will stay after for help with blogs and other projects.

This Month’s Assignment

Please bring your revised paragraphs to share. We want to hear what you discovered when re-writing!

Summer Plans

Let’s discuss the Wednesday meeting, and what we should do about it. Also, summer plans! Our next meeting will be June, time for a BBQ or a pool party. And, is anyone up for an AWWG Writer’s Camp?  We could plan a week (or more) of writing activities around town that take advantage of our beautiful location, get us together and working, and boost our skills while having fun in the sun! Think about it…

Finally, Some Good Advice

Eight tips on writing from The Invisible College:

Useful quotes from Vonnegut, Hemingway, CS Lewis, Elmore Leonard, Eudora Welty, Henry Miller, Ted Hughes & Ray Bradbury


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