Prompt and Inspiration: Philip Schultz, “What I Like and Don’t Like…”

There’s nothing better for inspiration than finding a poem that inspires you to try something new. I love this poem; it’s simple, plain and sometimes surprising. It makes me think about what I like and don’t like and how some of those things are the same as Philip Schultz says….

What I Like and Don’t Like
by Philip Schultz

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I like to say hello and goodbye.
I like to hug but not shake hands.
I prefer to wave or nod. I enjoy
the company of strangers pushed
together in elevators or subways.
I like talking to cab drivers
but not receptionists. I like
not knowing what to say.
I like talking to people I know
but care nothing about. I like
inviting anyone anywhere.
I like hearing my opinions
tumble out of my mouth
like toddlers tied together
while crossing the street,
trusting they won’t be squashed
by fate. I like greeting-card clichés
but not dressing up or down.
I like being appropriate
but not all the time.
I could continue with more examples
but I’d rather give too few
than too many. The thought
of no one listening anymore-
I like that least of all.

“What I Like and Don’t Like” by Philip Schultz from Failure. © Harcourt, 2007.

So, do you like the idea of writing your own “What I Like and Don’t Like” poem/essay/meditation/play? I hope so! Go for it, and share it here!

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