October Meeting Next Week!!

Get your pumpkin lattes and orange pens ready, it’s the AWWG October meeting. The Library is open on Columbus Day, so head on in for our usual good time.

It’s also my time to get on my NaNoWriMo soapbox and challenge all of you to write 50,000 words in November.  Yes, National Novel Writing Month is upon us! In just 24 days it will be time to write like your hair is on fire, to break through all those hesitations that keep telling you the LIES that you ‘can’t do it.’  LIES I tell you ! All lies. I am living proof.

I cannot (today) RUN a marathon, my friends, but I can WRITE one.

So, if you are even the tiniest bit tempted, even just curious for a ‘friend’ of yours, take a peek at these NaNoWriMo get-started resources:

Of course, you can ignore my shenanigans and just go about your normal writing business, but you’ve been warned, I’m a NaNo Evangelist. emojiKiss


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