Science Measures Health Benefits of Writing

AWWG member Joan Pierotti sent along this good news about the many benefits of the writing life.

From this article at

The benefits of writing go far beyond building up your vocabulary.

No matter the quality of your prose, the act of writing itself leads to strong physical and mental health benefits, like long-term improvements in mood, stress levels and depressive symptoms. In a 2005 study on the emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing, researchers found that just 15 to 20 minutes of writing three to five times over the course of the four-month study was enough to make a difference.

Writing Can Heal Injuries Faster.
Click pic for article from Scientific American

Not only is writing cathartic and a good tonic for mental health, there is significant evidence that writing improves physical healing as well.

Studies have shown that people with asthma who write have fewer attacks than those who don’t; AIDS patients who write have higher T-cell counts. Cancer patients who write have more optimistic perspectives and improved quality of life.

These results weren’t dependent on hours of work nor publishing a great work. The simple, yet profound, act of allowing our thoughts to flow through our fingers appears to engage our bodies as well as our spirits.

Which of course, can’t really be separated.


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