ONE GOOD THING: Edwin Romond, inspiration for the dog days of writing…

Writers, when you feel like you have nothing to say, because you’ve done nothing extraordinary, or your day job has you running in place, or your language revolves around phrases and ideas you’ve visited so often it feels like you’ve worn down the stairs to discovery, write about that moment in the day when everything feels right, even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it’s a seemingly ordinary moment.

Alternatively, just read Edwin Romond’s poem to be reminded that every day really does have “One Good Thing.” (Thanks, ER and Writer’s Almanac! You made my morning.)

One Good Thing
by Edwin Romond

It’s been a dead parade
of hours since 5 AM
a march of the bland
with the meaningless and
I can think of nothing
I have done to merit
mentioning or

But now, at 8 pm,
I am bathing my son
in a tub filled with bubbles
and blue battleships,
the soapy water over
his Irish white skin
makes him glisten
like a glazed doughnut

and I should tell him
to stop splashing
but this is the first time
all day I have felt like living
so how can I scold
my boy who’s found joy
in something ordinary
as water? And when

I wash his hair
with Buzz Lightyear
shampoo, Liam
closes his eyes and
smiles like a puppy
being petted as I massage
the sweet lotion into
his red curls and I know

this is one good thing
I have done with my life
this day that has waited
for this moment
of water on my sleeve
and soap on my nose
to turn emptiness
into ecstasy.

“One Good Thing” by Edwin Romond. © Edwin Romond.


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