Fiction Challenge Wrap Up

Results from the 2014 Fiction Challenge:

BEST STORYThird Prize:       Melinda Reyes   Ground Hogs’s Day
Second Prize:    Ashley Egan    Bitter  
First Prize:         Mili Jenks    Obsession
Best Story:        Ferne Horner    Cosy Simmons

Honorable Mentions:

Sharlie Swan: Gabe’s Little Sister
Beverly Woods: Creole’s Cove 
Gwen Peters: Unforseen Confusion
Carol Burbank wrote The Indian Blanket and Patrise Henkel wrote Twin Falls, which were not eligible for the competition.
Most of the stories are linked for your reading pleasure. Either click the title to read online, or ‘right-click’ to download and print.

Author T.J. Ritter

The results compiled from the review by our judge, Tamela J. Ritter, author of From These Ashes (available from and group leaders.

PLEASE DO NOT reproduce these stories without specific written permission.  That includes making copies or reposting. All stories are copyright the author and belong exclusively to them.
Feel free, however, to promote the good work you do, and our amazing group, and our blog! Brag away, writers, you’ve earned it.

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