The Stories of Tomorrow Campaign

young author with book

Do you remember the first time someone told you your writing mattered? There’s nothing like that rush of confidence that comes when someone tells you your writing is worth something. That one encouraging voice can make or break our desire to tell our stories. It can determine whether tomorrow’s stories get written at all…

The Young Writer’s Program is running a fundraiser through June 23 (this coming Monday) in order to expand and improve their program to reach even more young writers in the years ahead.

What is the Young Writers Program?

The Young Writers Program works in over 2,000 classrooms around the world, and with over 100,000 students and educators. The YWP supports writing fluency, self-efficacy, and self-expression in the classroom by providing free-of-charge:

  • classroom resources, including progress-tracking posters and writing workbooks
  • Common Core-aligned curricula
  • virtual classroom management tools
  • mentorship and pep talks from established authors
  • a vibrant online community of support for young writers and educators

Won’t you please go contribute a little bit, or a little bit more if you can.

And please, tell people about the fundraiser. I apologize for not posting this sooner, so please get the word out on your Facebook and Twitter, and help this worthy cause encourage more young writers to keep going. For they are writing the stories of tomorrow.


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