Fiction Challenge Writers!

A Big Hurray & Thank You!

Safekh, the goddess of writing

…to our successful Challenge authors:

  • Beverly Woods
  • Sharlie Swann
  • Melinda Reyes
  • Gwen Peters
  • Millicent Jenks
  • Ferne Horner
  • Patrise Henkel
  • Ashley Egan
  • Carol Burbank

These writers successfully completed their stories by deadline and have been sent on to our judge, Tamela J. Ritter, author of From These Ashes.  We’re compiling her comments now and Merit Prizes will be awarded on Thursday* at our Birthday Bash! I’m so excited, and so proud of our writers.

Some Cool Statistics

We had twelve writers sign-up and nine stories submitted. You wrote 14, 320 words, and 49 pages!  We had male and female protagonists, kids, teens and adults, a little romance, a little history, a little comedy, a little angst. All in all, a promising beginning!

Next Up:

We’ll have a discussion on how to submit stories for publication at the July meeting. I will bring some opportunities we can all take advantage of to get published.

Watch this space for announcement of a Non-Fiction Challenge, coming soon. A Poetry Challenge is coming in the fall.

*If you need information about the party on Thursday please send me an email.



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