Short Fiction: Blue Butterflies, by Libby Campbell

Thanks to member Libby Campbell for this delightful short-short story. Remember you can send me your work to post, if you’d rather not post it yourself. It’s YOUR blog!

love, your blogmeister

TITLE: Blue Butterflies
AUTHOR: Libby Campbell
GENRE: Short-short Story

“I always think of  Nabokov whenever I see a small blue butterfly. His lifelong hobby was collecting them.  Such a different pastime from writing ‘Lolita'” I mused.

“Uh-huh” grunted Aaron, absorbed in his newspaper. He read the Times from cover to cover everyday, concentrating on the financial pages.

“I wonder if he thought of them in Russian or English” I continued. “Isn’t it extraordinary that a native born Russian could write such elegant and insightful prose in a second language?”

Aaron replied with a slight snort, communicating in a very concise sound his contempt for all things literary and all Russians.

“Do you think he totally separated his private life from his writing? I don’t remember any mention of butterflies in either Lolita or Ada.”

“Don’t you have a book club to talk about this” Aaron finally said. He actually put down his paper and looked at me.

I gazed back at him, silent for a moment, detecting in his look a mixture of affection, confusion and frustration.

“Yes, I do” I replied.

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