TODAY’s TIP: The End.

Tomorrow is the deadline for our first annual Birthday Fiction Writing Challenge!

So, time to get your story formatted and submitted. It needs to be in my hands by tomorrow, June 9,  to be considered for the Merit Prizes.

We have our usual monthly meeting at 1:15pm at the Accokeek Branch Library, and I hope I see all of you locals there.

During our meeting we will be planning a Birthday Party! In order to celebrate our two years of wonderful meetings, and our first ever writing challenge. Please come prepared to discuss party plans. Afternoon, or evening? Library or private home? Pot luck or restaurant? We’ll pick a date sometime this month.

So, about writing The End. This is one of my challenges! I’ve always had trouble knowing when paintings or stories are truly complete.

I found one cardinal rule for an ending, or Resolution, to your story:

No new expositional information may enter the story once it has been triggered. If something appears in the final act, it must have been foreshadowed, referenced or already in play. This includes characters.

Writers Digest: How to Structure a Killer Novel Ending

Following on that advice, it’s wise to write the real ending of your tale after the introduction, build-up, and crisis are complete, even though you may have known all along where your characters would end up.


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