Conflict in Literature

We all know conflict is essential to a good plot. Here’s a fun graphic that summarizes the archetypal conflicts in literature.

As seen on the intriguing site Electric Lit:

This smart comic by Grant Snider, which is available in his shop as a poster, breaks down the archetypal conflicts in literature… although he did leave out man vs. computerized wolf god.


2 thoughts on “Conflict in Literature

  1. Funny! I have a love-hate relationship with conflict, because I started my writing career as a poet, and there are entirely different energies in that genre. But as a playwright, I have learned to “up the stakes,” increase the conflict, and see the work and characters get more and more interesting!


  2. I’ve found in writing and reading young adult novels, conflict is king. Conflict within conflict within conflict…. Somehow I didn’t think about that as much when I was a young adult reading young adult. Thanks for sharing :).


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