Fiction Challenge Submission Guidelines

6 Days to go!

All Done? Send it on in!BEST STORY
Not Started? You Still Have Time!

Are you excited, Brave Writers? Participation Prizes will be awarded to all authors who submit stories on or before 3pm EST June 9, 2014.

And, we have an official judge for Fiction Challenge merit prizes! Novelist T.J. Ritter has volunteered to read our stories blind (without our names). We will award three Merit Prizes!!

Here’s how to submit your story:

  • Format  12 point Times, double space
  • At the top of your story, list the following:
    1. Title
    2. final word count
    3. your three prompt words
  • leave your name off of it! We can identify you by your prompt words, but the judge needs the stories without any identifying information.
  • Attach your .doc or .pdf file and eMail to Patrise

I can’t wait to see what you all have created!!

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