Good Advice for Artists from Norita Dittberner-Jax: JUST DO IT!

Yes, we all know, writing is hard, art is hard, there are so many distractions, disappointments and failures that we stop and go, go for awhile and stop. This meditation on Monet and Van Gogh, two very different artists, is a lesson in the “Just Do It” world where we get to live our complicated lives and be creatives too. Enjoy….

Monet, Van Gogh, at Home
by Norita Dittberner-Jax

The wonder that Monet
had time to paint, the vast
size of the garden and across
the road, the Japanese pond,
a man enchanted with nature—
flowers, water, haystacks, and
light! A blind man’s obsession
with light, every slant of the sundial
documented, time filtering

What a life! Two wives
the second with six children!
No wonder the huge table
in the dining room, fourteen chairs,
all canary yellow; the blue-
and white-tiled kitchen, large
and commodious, festooned
with copper pots;
the large bedroom overlooking
the garden: to throw open
these shutters in the morning!
So much life!

Modest, difficult, van Gogh
thought himself one link in the chain
and took the yellow house at Arles,
on Place Lamartine, hoping
others would come. A table
and two chairs and just enough
left for broth and coffee.

Gauguin fled after two months
when Vincent chased him
with a razor. He painted
“Gauguin’s Chair” empty except
for a lit candle, in memory
of the failure.

Toward the end, he painted
the vestibule near his room,
the yard where he was confined,
night sky from his window.

“Monet, Van Gogh, at Home” by Norita Dittberner-Jax from The Watch. © Whistling Shade Press, 2008.

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