TODAY’S TIP: the Awesome Power of Writing Buddies

17 Days to go!

Why do I need a Buddy?
Writing buddies are more than just friends.

Imagine a colleague, someone who’s just like you, learning and growing as a writer, who you can bounce ideas off of, or ask questions, even have her proofread and/or edit your story. Use these ideas to enjoy your writing relationship to the fullest!

COFFEE DATES Agree to meet for coffee for an hour, and limit conversation to 5-10 minutes. Enjoy writing together.

DECLARING INTENTION Sometimes I call my buddy to say “I’m writing for the next hour!” just so I can declare my intention to someone who knows it matters.

PERMISSION TO WRITE One of the primary reasons for our group is to provide support for women who write. Our particular issue, as women, is the claims that others make upon our time, and how challenging it can be to take that time for yourself.

MUTUAL GOALS A little gentle competition can be a good thing: commit to each other that you’ll write 200 words a day, or a similar milestone. Go for it!

‘BETA READER’  This is the most valuable thing! Agree to swap stories and edit (comments, encouragement and suggestions; keep it positive) each other’s drafts. Having someone test drive your story is a blessing, can help you see where to focus on the final touches.

Together we can do ANYTHING. Tell me in the comments how you and your allies help each other move forward.


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