The Genesis of a Novel: Jhuma Lahiri on the 16 Year Process for The Lowland

We all struggle with vision, revision and then reframing vision in re-re vision! Here is an inspiring story of Jhuma Lahiri’s long journey to create and publish her bestselling novel, The Lowland. cover

In this interview for Boston University’s alumni magazine, Lahiri says, “It took me 16 years in total. I started with a brief scene that I drafted and then put aside for 10 years. I felt wholly unprepared, at the time, to move forward and to write the book. When I returned to the scene 10 years later I was still pretty lost, but I felt slightly less intimidated and overwhelmed. The process was one of discovery, like opening a box sealed with an enormous amount of tape, bound tightly with twine. Slowly you undo the knots and peel back the tape and see what’s inside.”

pullquoteAs for advice to writers, Lahiri’s is classic — and added to her message of perseverence and curiosity, inspiring!

May we all persist, explore, discover, and open that complicated box of our the writing project that obsesses us!


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