TODAYS TIP: Getting Started!

for the Fiction Challenge Writers (and anyone else who needs them)

24 DAYS to deadline:
Your job for the next few days is to GET STARTED.

Don’t worry about anything beyond getting a rough story idea and beginning to commit it to the page. Let it be full of typos, incomplete sentences or abbreviations for now, there is plenty of time to polish things.

Try the Morning Pages technique (from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way): upon awaking, write without censoring whatever flows from your pen, without stopping, for 15 minutes or three longhand pages. If you want to keep going, by all means, keep writing, but don’t skip breakfast!

The important part of this is not censoring or judging the FLOW. Try this every day for a while and see if it doesn’t limber up your pen.

What’s the most important thing I have for you today? DON’T JUDGE YOUR WORK right now. let it be an awkward young sprout.

Tomorrow: about fiction. Have Fun!

yesterday’s TODAY’S TIP

How do I know how many words I’ve written?
I like to use word count instead of pages because the amount of text on a page can vary so much. A page of 12 pt type can be from 250 to 500 words depending on the font, margins and line spacing.
If you use Microsoft WORD you can look at the bottom of your page. When your curser is in an open document you should see Section, Page Number and Word Count info along the foot of the page. There is also aWord Count option under the Tools Menu.
In Google Docs, There is a Word Count choice under the Tools menu. In both programs you will see a count for the complete document unless you have selected a subset of the text beforehand.
JUST THINK: If you were to write all 2,000 words, you only have to write 80 words a day to meet the count! doesn’t that sound do-able?  FYI, THIS EMAIL IS 280 WORDS  

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