One last poem for April

I saw this on a friend’s blog and was fascinated by it. I watch too many detective shows, so I could probably recite the actual text if I had to. But amazing things happen when words are left out.

Poem In Which Words Have Been Left Out
By Charles Jensen

—The “Miranda Rights,” established 1966

You have the right to remain
anything you can and will be.

An attorney you cannot afford
will be provided to you.

You have silent will.
You can be against law.
You cannot afford one.

You remain silent. Anything you say
will be provided to you.

The right can and will be
against you. The right provided you.

Have anything you say be
right. Anything you say can be right.

Say you have the right attorney.
The right remain silent.

Be held. Court the one. Be provided.
You cannot be you.

What if you took the same text and tried this same exercise? I can only envision your result would be unique! Can you think of another familiar text you could try this with?

Try it!

Give it a shot: take a familiar shared text: Pledge of Allegiance, the Preamble to the Constitution, a familiar prayer, chant or song. Keep the text in the correct order and only remove words. Break the lines and punctate at will.


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