Are You a Writer?

are you a writer?

Blogger, novelist and writing advice writer Chuck Wendig provided this clever little flow chart.

A warning, though, if you go to his site. He’s a potty-mouth.

3 thoughts on “Are You a Writer?

  1. WONDERFUL! And I clicked through to the pottymouth pep talk — genius, unless you’re insulted by slangy silliness. The key point — it’s OK to write BAD drafts — in fact, it’s necessary. And yes, publish or not, write 24 hours a day or not, whatever or not — if you write, you’re a writer. Something we often forget….


      • Well, you are. Sometimes I can talk myself out of believing it because a lot of my work is unpublished or not done or whatever. But one of the things that gives me profound joy in life, one of the things I always do not matter what, is write. So here I am, a writer, writing on Thansgiving! (I have started writing blogs for hire, and have one due this week that I have to get out, so before the pie — an article!) And that’s just fine with me….

        Happy Turkey Day, to all writers…


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