Reblog: three sentances that saved my life

This morning I was about tho trash one of those annoying “e-Newsletters” (like the kind I write for people, heh) and found this share-worthy story of a woman embracing her desire to be a writer. What is calling you to write? How important is it?

The three simple sentences that saved my life

By Morgan Callan Rogers | October 31, 2013

What’s that sound?

That’s the sound of your soul, dying.

Those two sentences spun out of my head one day while I was sitting at a great-paying, health-insurance covered, lots-of-friends-for-lunch kind of job. I was a project assistant for an engineering firm near Portland, Maine. It was a fine place. The company allowed dogs. I was the singer in the company rock band. I had a cute cube that I had fixed up to suit my personal aesthetic. I had a view of the front parking lot and the woods beyond.

And I was so depressed.

I was staring out at that parking lot when those sentences both asked and answered themselves. Thankfully, a third sentence followed.

Well, that’s not going to happen.  CLick for more of the story

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