Questions to Ask Your Characters

During Monday’s meeting of the Accokeek Women Writers Group, we discussed character development, among many other subjects.

Last weekend, I attended the Military Writers Society of America annual conference. One of the session leaders, author Jack Woodville London, stated writers must know the characters who are telling their stories. He suggested the following list of questions for authors to ask their characters:

-What is their most valued possession?

-To whom would they give this?

-What is their greatest achievement in life?

-Greatest failure?

-If suddenly wealthy, what would they do differently?

-To whom do they give credit to or blame?

-Who would they save?

London also offered that what makes them the character is often when they do something uncharacteristic.

London is working on a manual for writers, “A Novel Approach,” and his website and blog offer nice tips and thoughts for writers. If you are interested, here is the link: Thanks, Jack, for sharing that information that I could continue to share this week!


4 thoughts on “Questions to Ask Your Characters

    • Well thank you! As I mentioned, they weren’t mine, but I thought they were worth sharing because they were quite different that many of the questions I’ve seen in character development exercises. Thanks for stopping by.


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