Joyous Yuletide!

yuletideisloveTomorrow is a big,special happy day, for Yuletide is upon us!

Yes, sure, you’re thinking. We know. But I’m thinking of a very specific Yuletide treasure you may not have heard of, the While We Tell of Yuletide Treasure Fanfiction Challenge. 


No matter what your opinion of fan fiction, I bet you could find something to read and enjoy in this amazing annual event. This year, the 10th edition, over 2500 gift stories have been written in the past two months.

How does this work? Well, at sign-up, you list your requests, and the fandoms and characters you are willing to write for. What counts as a fandom? For Yuletide, it needs to be a small or obscure fandom, i.e. not one with 1,000s of stories written for it every day, like Twilight, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars. Those are too popular. But what if you love Anne of Green Gables? Angry Birds? Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? (yes, ice cream can be a fandom!) Will someone write a gift story for you? YES! If you are willing to write a gift story for someone else.

I tell you, it’s MAGIC. The excitement of finding out what your gift will be is every bit as good as if it were under the tree, wrapped in paper.  And I cannot wait to read the comment of joy from my giftee when she reads my story.

She? you note. Yes, the vast majority of fan fiction writers are women. It’s a wonderful network of people who write for love, and are willing to share the process and provide you readers and appreciative feedback. It’s why I still write fan fiction, for the community, for the delightful play in relationships based on creativity and the written word.

So, Christmas day at 10:00am EST the 2012 Yuletide Archive will open and a few thousand of us will open up a new story, written exactly for us, and then prowl around to see what other delights might have appeared in this year’s fest.

To search all of the Archive go HERE.  If you want to be in on this year’s exchange, go HERE.

I guarantee you will find some treasure.


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