25 Motivational Thoughts for Writers

There’s a writer named Chuck Wendig who blogs at Terrible Minds. Chuck describes himself as “equal parts novelist, screenwriter, and game designer” and warns visitors to his site to expect rants, ramblings and profanity in addition to writing advice. Consider yourself warned. He has a popular e-book called 500 Ways to be a Better Writer which I admit I have not read.

In honor of NaNoWriMo he posted 25 Motivational Thoughts for Writers, which includes some of these gems:

1. You are the God of this place
The blank page is your world. You choose what goes into it. Anything at all. Upend the frothy cup that is your heart and see what spills out. 

3. The Rarest Bird of Them All
The easiest way to separate yourself from the unformed blobby mass of “aspiring” writers is to a) actually write and b) actually finish. That’s how easy it is to clamber up the ladder to the second echelon. Write.

10. Nobody Else Writes Like You
…nobody in the world writes like you. Nobody has your ideas. Nobody has your narrative memetic code. You are not a unique and beautiful snowflake, no. But your writing — your writing is your fingerprint. Your voice is yours and yours alone.

13. Just Write 100 More Words
As a writer, play …[ a ] game with yourself: you want to give up, close the notebook, save the story? Just 100 more words. That’s all. Push yourself just a little. A hundred words ain’t much (it’s about the size of this text block). And you’d be amazed at how 100 words just isn’t enough.

24. This Matters
Story matters. Writing is important. Stories make the world go around. Many things begin as words on a page. It matters to the world. And it matters to you. Don’t let anyone rob you of that. Don’t rob yourself of it, either. Don’t diminish. Don’t dismiss. Embrace. Create. Accelerate.

25. Um, What Are You Still Doing Here?

Yeah, what ARE you still doing here? if you’re not reading the rest of Chuck’s blog, get going and write another 100, another 1,000 or another 1,667 words!


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