Midlife Creative Crisis… or not!

Hi everyone!

Iʻm feeling blessed by sunshine and Fall and the chill in the air and the light that seems to come from every direction this morning, so when I read this poem in my daily Writerʻs Almanac, I took an especially deep breath and felt gratitude for the world of words as well as the world itself!

I thought, maybe my crankiness, my rough-around-the-edges feeling last week, was just me learning to navigate midlife — same ambitions, more wisdom, less automatic courage and more bad habits! Sigh….

This poem gave me comfort. Again, the simplicity of the words — “a canoe built by hand!” and the heartfelt clarity, the line breaks in just the right places, the plainness and magic of the journey through the poem and in Midlife:


by Julie Cadwallader-Staub

This is as far as the light
of my understanding
has carried me:
an October morning
a canoe built by hand
a quiet current

above me the trees arc
green and golden
against a cloudy sky

below me the river responds
with perfect reflection
a hundred feet deep
a hundred feet high.

To take a cup of this river
to drink its purple and gray
its golden and green

to see
a bend in the river up ahead
and still

“Midlife” by Julie Cadwallader-Staub.


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