Words to the Wise from Robert Frost: BEWARE THE BOX!

There was a young poet who tried
Making boxes when preoccupied;
One day he made one
And when he got done,
He had nailed himself on the inside.

R. Frost

So, what boxes have you nailed yourself into, lately? Knock knock, who’s there? Is there an echo in here? Oh, just STOP it!

Don’t despair — most of our boxes are virtual, constructed of our stories and habits and thoughts, so it’s only a matter of changing your story a little to dissolve the darkness and the walls that hold it in!

(By the way, if you want to learn some techniques to free yourself from the box, join me in my Storyweaving Webinar tomorrow evening, October 18: 8:00-9:30, EST. You can register on my Storyweaving website, or contact me directly if you have any questions. I work with a lot of writers — and these techniques will help with whatever box you’ve put yourself into!)

It seems I’ve spend my whole life building boxes for myself, outgrowing them, dissolving them, and then building new ones. It’s only recently I’ve changed the story a bit — boxes made of light are a lot easier to grow into and reframe when the time comes!

Also by the way, who knew Robert Frost had such a biting sense of humor? I LOVE this little limerick.

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