Inspiration for a Drab Day

Today, after a slogging start, I am reminded of the spiral…

I spent most of my day driving, shopping and feeling exhausted. I did some writing on my self-help workbook, and I’ll do more tonight, preparing for my Storyweaving webinar on Thursday.  I suppose I’m making progress although it doesn’t feel that way this moment, this passing creep, this steady step-by-step forward. I felt more today like the dark places in this spiral around a bright dying red sun than the vital sparks circling.

But looking at this APOD photo of the day, I remember the spiral, the ways that distance and closeness shift as we move through the labyrinth, making the journey we’re blessed with. So preparation is arrival. How sparks depend on the dark.

Oh, the irony and delight of it. I get the opportunity to teach, so I get the chance to take my own advice in the process…. reframing my linear story on the dulling congested roads of DC into a spiral journey through my own resistances and pleasures, possibilities and practicalities. I get the opportunity to write, so I get the chance to dance – clumsily today – with words before I rest again tonight.

I have the freedom to be here, to eat my stuffed peppers and salad with gusto or grimness (and they’re smelling good!), to shift my thoughts or let them stew, to breathe a new way or let the old dismay sink in. Days like today, I just keep moving, following the spiral of my creativity and vision, even when it feels more dark than spark.

And which are you today? And how is the writing moving through you?

I hope it’s an easy passage, but if it isn’t, you and me — we’ll wake up tomorrow with this harder piece of the puzzle in place, ready to move into the more fun spirals of writing.


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