The Pleasure of Heart Writing

Friends, Iʻm flummoxed!

Iʻve planned an expansive business Fall, and I find myself unable to enjoy how successful itʻs been so far! New opportunities, new clients, new writing about my Storyweaving process — itʻs undeniably great.

But in all the bustle and productive hustle, Iʻve left my creative muse in some pile of papers on my desk. Iʻm feeling blue, amidst all the business satisfaction, because Iʻm not fiving space to to what matters most deeply to me — my creative writing.

So Iʻm using this blog as a kind of confessional — and making you a promise that I will change that. Just like I tell my writing coachees, Iʻm reminding myself — one hour a day is all it takes to get the juices flowing! One hour a day, dedicated to filling that empty page with words: good words, weary words, boring words, brilliant words, connected words, random words, organized and disorganized words.

Iʻm starting my play tomorrow. And thatʻs that.

Well, I feel better. Because I know I will feel better. Because Iʻm getting back on that fanciful, bumpy rollercoaster of deep heart writing that fuels such fabulous frustration, such jarring joy!

Howʻs your heart writing coming along?



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