The Drama in Drink, or Vice Versa

Please click on this and read, whenever youʻre taking yourself too seriously! And keep writing!

The Drama in Drink, or Vice Versa.


Deloresʻ caption: Dionysius was the god of theatre for a reason! LOL!

Please read this blog, my colleague DWGregory, a fabulous playwright, commented on and cited another great essay about madness and sanity in writers. Very funny!

A sample…

In studies of deceased writers— based on their letters, medical records, and published biographies— and in studies of talented living writers, mental illness is prevalent. For example, fiction writers are fully ten times more likely to be bipolar than the general population, and poets are an amazing forty times more likely to struggle with the disorder. Based on statistics like these, psychologist Daniel Nettle writes, “It is hard to avoid the conclusion that most of the canon of Western culture was produced by people with a touch of madness.” Essayist Brooke Allen does Nettle one better: ‘The Western literary tradition, it seems, has been dominated by a sorry collection of alcoholics, compulsive gamblers, manic-depressives, sexual predators, and various unfortunate combinations of two, three, or even all of the above.

Well that’s no surprise to readers of literary biographies, but what should we conclude?

Madness just might be the price of art, but don’t confuse crazy with dangerous. That’s Eric talking. The truly psychopathic, he advises, are found in the boardroom, not the writing studio.

Read on by clicking the link above.


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