Cliches are just so… cliched! And a contest…

Here are 12 cliches to avoid (like the plague) from Brian Klems, about cliches, from the Writerʻs Digest Blog.

1. Avoid it like the plague
2. Dead as a doornail
3. Take the tiger by the tail
4. Low hanging fruit
5. If only walls could talk
6. The pot calling the kettle black
7. Think outside the box
8. Thick as thieves
9. But at the end of the day
10. Plenty of fish in the sea
11. Every dog has its day
12. Like a kid in a candy store

And those are just the tip of the iceberg (oh wait, there’s bonus cliche #13!).

Now that you’ve seen ours, what I want to know is: What cliches annoy you the most? Post it below in the comments section for a chance to win a free copy of the new October issue of Writer’s Digest (which features a list of 25 agents who are looking for new clients, as well as how to submit to each one). I’ll pick one commenter at random from my trusty hat. Plus, get an additional chance to win a free issue just by Tweeting this (be sure the hashtag is there so I can track it):

12 Cliches All Writers Should Avoid (& Win a FREE copy of @WritersDigest) – (via @BrianKlems) #wdCliches

Deadline to enter for a chance to win: August 30.

OK, so thereʻs the contest news. Follow the first link to find out more.

And just a thought from renegade me…. wouldnʻt it be cool to write something that REDEEMS these old clunkers of phrases? Hmmmmmmm.

Life is just a bowl of cherries, yʻall


2 thoughts on “Cliches are just so… cliched! And a contest…

  1. “You’re really quite sooty, you know. Doesn’t she ever wash you?”

    The kettle sighed. “I know, I was once bright red. But I am never properly scrubbed, and my beautiful finish is hidden under grease and char.”

    The cast iron pot considered this. “I’ve never been shiny, so I wouldn’t know.”

    “Well, it’s embarassing. I was meant to be beautiful, and now, here I am sooty outside, scaley inside. It wont be long before I’m no longer useful.” If a teakettle could frown, this one surely was looking quite melancholy. She continued: “You’ve always looked good in black, and the grease only adds to your panaché.”

    The pot replied “Well, at least the black is slimming.”


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