Welcome New Members!

photo © Amanda Wenling Ho

I’d like to officially welcome our new members to the Women’s Pages, and invite you to make your first post an introduction to you and your writing.

A warm welcome to:

Tell us about what drives you to write, what you love and find challenging about writing, about your favorite writing books or other resources, and what you love to read.

If you are new to WordPress, it’s easy to publish your own post.

Make sure you are logged in to your WP account. Look at the upper left corner of the blog for the WP logo (W in a circle) and the blog title. When you hover your cursor over the blog title a drop-down menu will appear. Roll down to NEW and hover; another drop-down appears. Click on POST. You are now in the WP editor, and can fill in your title, enter text into the body and format with familiar tools, and even insert a picture where it says upload/insert.

HAVE FUN is the number one rule! You wont break anything. 😉

If you would like a helping hand making your first post, drop me a line! Or catch me at the next meeting. I will be glad to give intro WP lessons after meetings, so bring your laptop or we can use the library computers.


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