Early Morning Writing

A blue-jay just shrieked at me from the trees, as if to say, “Pay attention, itʻs a gorgeous day!”

Iʻve been writing blogs on my little porch, combining my goals and Sunday pleasures.

In between phraseology, Iʻve watched the sun climb in the trees, admiried the flowers that, against all odds, survive in my shallow, green garden. Iʻve tracked a hawk across the sky and into the forest. Iʻve watched a spider — or was it one of those weird hairy crickets?–creep uncomfortably close to my chair. Iʻve thought about pruning my scraggly rose, and enjoyed the late summertime cool of the morning air.

Now the breeze comes. Have you noticed, it comes first in sound, then as a tickle, then as the full fragrant brush of wind across the land? It passes over, then the leaves and branches carry it visibly on, past my skin and the rustling newspaper on the green plastic table.

The neighborhood dogs are demanding their doggy way. The jay has moved on to more interesting hunting grounds.

So, here I am. Grateful for the woods, the porch, the computer, high speed internet, and the dream that woke me up to this fabulous morning.

Where are you writing lately? I want to know what youʻre seeing there, and how itʻs going?!


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