Empty Nest? Time on Your Hands? Write a Book!

At least, thatʻs a good idea according to Tuesdayʻs Washington Post, which featured an article by Monica Hessler, “Write of Passage.”

Hereʻs the lead: “Their children left for college. And then Maz Rauber and Amy Reingold launched a project capitalizing on their strongest areas of expertise: Teenage girls and the U.S. capital.

Imagine “Gossip Girl,” but Washington-ized. Imagine if the power of “The West Wing” mated with the sleaze of “Jersey Shore” and the money of “Real Housewives of New York” — and the resulting offspring looked like “Pretty Little Liars,” but the falsehoods in question could derail the U.S. government. Imagine how oozy-rotten addicting that would be for your brain.”

Great lead, huh? And the article is a great romp about a novel that is apparently a great romp through teenage life in DC.

I guess what we need to pay most attention to is that they were discouraged by an agent who said “Five years ago, I could have sold that on concept alone!”

But: “St. Martins Press bought the series in a three-book deal, published under the pseudonym Ella Monroe. The WB has already optioned a television adaptation.”

Capital Girls, the first book of the series, was released Tuesday, August 7. They already have multiple reviews (thatʻs the benefit of a big publisher!) and a video on youtube. (Apparently this is a big new book marketing thing…)

So, object lesson? Just do it!

Write on, women! Anything is possible!

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