The Beauty of Simplicity

I subscribe for inspiration to  “poem-a-day” emails —  mainly The Writer’s Almanac and a daily poem from The Academy of American Poets. Today’s poem moved me to alertness and stillness.

Untitled [I know now the beloved]
by Gregory Orr 

I know now the beloved
Has no fixed abode,
That each body 
She inhabits
Is only a temporary
             That she
Casts off forms
As eagerly
As lovers shed clothes.

I accept that he’s
Just passing through
That flower
Or that stone.

And yet, it makes 
Me dizzy—
The way he hides
In the flow of it,
The way she shifts
In fluid motions,
Becoming other things.

I want to stop him— 
If only briefly.
I want to lure her
To the surface
And catch her
In this net of words.

Gregory Orr’s writing often captures the beauty of simplicity, while at the same time bringing me deep into some true place of discovery and lightness. He inspires me to remember that I can speak plainly and eloquently in my writing, about spirituality, about my life, about my world.
Who is inspiring you lately?

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